Let Your Equity Work for You with a Reverse Mortgage

Let your largest asset provide extra financial security in retirement.

Reverse Mortgage with Colorado Mortgage Group

Take Cash Out

Combine flexibility and financial security with a reverse mortgage.

Good For
  • Covering Medical Expenses
  • Making Home Improvements
  • Providing Long Term Care Solution
  • Paying for Living Expenses and Liabilities

Buy the Home You Want

Get the home you want when your existing house isn’t where you want to age in place.

Good For
  • Downsizing for Empty Nesters
  • Buying Retirement Dream Home
  • Eliminating Burdensome Upkeep
  • Finding a Home That Meets Physical Needs
Reverse Mortgage with Colorado Mortgage Group

Secure Your Future

Extend your nest egg by using your equity as a tool in your retirement income plan.

Good For
  • Delaying Withdrawal of Benefits
  • Leaving Your Investments in Place Longer
  • Paying Taxes for Roth IRA Conversions
  • Paying off Current Mortgage

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