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Reverse Mortgage with Colorado Mortgage Group

Take Cash Out

Meet your financial goals by tapping into the value your home has accumulated.

Good For
  • Consolidating Debt
  • Remodeling Your Home
  • Splurging on Travel
  • Saving for Tuition

Lower Rates

Take charge of your financial well‑being by refinancing to a mortgage with a lower monthly payment.

Good For
  • Planning for Retirement
  • Buying a Second Home
  • Eliminating Mortgage Interest
  • Building an Emergency Fund

Shorten Your Loan Term

Convert your longer‑term mortgage to shorter-term so you can be mortgage‑free faster.

Good For
  • Reducing Interest Charges
  • Owning Your Home Sooner
  • Creating Equity Faster
  • Putting More Money in Your Pocket if You Sell

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