Confidentiality, Data Security, Equal Opportunity Lending


Client Confidentiality is Crucial

Everything a client shares with their lender is confidential, without exception and debate. Confidentiality
is the best practice and the law. Your personal information is sacred. We act in every moment of every day
to keep this promise. We need to do more than follow all the rules and regulations. Our intention is just
as important. Our purpose at CMG Lending is to keep all information shared between us.

Your financial and personal data is safe and secure

CMG Lending mandates strict adherence to the Red Flag Information Security and Identity Theft Program policies
set forth by state and federal laws. We protect your personal information with the most effective tools and
processes available.

We Lend to Everyone

Your lender should never judge you because of your personal life, history, or financial details. We work with all people in different circumstances and various places in life. Our business is to help you
get to where you want to go. We like to help you get there when we can.



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