Tips to Choose a Realtor

Realtor handing over keys to a home

Is the Realtor Licensed?

All realtors are required to be licensed by the state that they work in. Valid and trusted realtors should be
registered members of the National Association of Realtors.

Is Selling Real Estate a Hobby?

Purchasing a house is a major investment for your family, and you want to ensure that your realtor is a
professional at what he or she does. If selling homes is more of a hobby for them, then they may not be the right
realtor for you.

Is the Realtor in Good Standing?

Check to see if the realtor you have chosen is in good standing with their license. In Colorado, you can do this
simply by going to the Department of Regulatory Agencies website. Here you can check for disciplinary cases or
complaints against the realtor.

Are They Experienced at What They Do?

A seasoned realtor is good at negotiating and striking deals with other brokers and in predicting market shifts;
all of these qualities play to your advantage. Experienced realtors know the ups and downs, know the market
patterns, can tell a good deal versus a not so good deal within minutes, and can negotiate with the best of them.
This is someone you want on your side, so knowing their experience can help you make an informed decision on
whether they are the right realtor for you.

Are References Available?

Ask if they can provide you with references of past clients and then actually check in with these references. You
may learn that the realtor is the best in the area, or you could find that this realtor is pushy and just tries to
seal a deal.

Who Pays Who For What?

Most realtors charge a percentage and are paid only after closing, typically as part of the closing costs. In most
cases, the buyer doesn’t even have to pay a realtor; it is the seller’s responsibility. Determine how much the
realtor charges and when payment will be made to them before you start working with the realtor and, most
importantly, who will be paying. This will help alleviate any sudden financial surprises. Choose a Realtor that
you feel you can trust; after all, you are entrusting them to help you with one of the biggest decisions of your

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