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Client-Lender Confidentiality

burson.david.square.--6It is an automatic given, without exception and without debate, that everything a client shares with their lender is confidential. This is not only a best practice, not only the law, but it is also the right way to be. Your personal information is not up for discussion. It is not something shared at the water fountain, over dinner at home, or as an example with other clients.Your personal information is sacred. We act in every moment of every day to keep this promise. It is not enough for us to follow all of the rules and regulations. Our intention is just as important. Our intention at Colorado Mortgage Group is to keep all information shared between us, between us. Colorado is a big state, but we have a small town feel. There is no need for people to know your business. It also should go without saying that your financial and personal data is safe and secure. Colorado Mortgage Group mandates strict adherence to the Red Flag Information Security and Identity Theft Program policies set forth by state and federal laws. We protect your personal information with the most effective tools and processes available. Finally, we believe your lender should never judge you because of your personal life, your history, or your financial details. We have worked with all sorts of people in different circumstances and in different places in life. We know that life’s has its ups and downs. It’s not our business to judge where you are right now. Our business is to help you get to where you want to go. We like to help you get there if we can.