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10 Tips for Selling Your Home in Colorado and Making the Most of the Booming Market

First Impressions If your home doesn’t make a good first impression then a potential buyer may not take a second look.  Keep the landscaping spruced up, wash the windows and if needed, paint the exterior of the home.  If painting isn’t an option, at the very least power wash the home.  First impressions are crucial and you want to ensure that your home garners a second look.

tips and tricks to sell colorado homeSparkle and Shine

First things first, get rid of the clutter!  Box it up if you need to, but remove anything in the home that makes it look more cluttered, thus making it appear smaller in appearance.  You should also have your carpets cleaned, tiles steamed and walls either A) freshly painted a neutral light color or B) wiped down clean.  You should also repair any holes in the walls and check all plumbing fixtures.   Think about how you would want a home to look if you were considering purchasing it and make your home look that way.  Fresh, clean and sparkling!

Odors No More

If you have smokers in your home or even pets, you may not be aware of odors that linger.  Even years of cooking can cause odors in the home.  Placing potpourri or dried eucalyptus around your home can help offset these odors.  Also, on the day of a showing, bake cookies for a Home Sweet Home aroma that penetrates each room.

Professional Help

To sell your home in the most effective way, consider professional assistance.  Nobody knows the local market better then a local real estate advisor.  They can help you price the home and give you tips on marketing your home.


Most potential buyers have an inspection done as part of the purchase process. You can have your own inspection done before you list your home. This allows you to see any problems you may want to address in order to get the best price for your home.

Price Right

A CMA (current market analysis) is essential in helping to price your home.  The location of the home, special features, schools and even the local economic conditions in the area all have an impact on your home’s value.  A trusted real estate advisor should be able to assist you on pricing your home to sell.

A Season for Selling

For everything under the sun there is a season and this includes selling your home.  Most buyers start house searching in the spring.  The middle of winter is the slow season and if you list your home then, it could sit for a bit.  A sitting house has expenses that can add up quickly, so the quicker your home sells, the better it is for you financially.

Market Your Home

In today’s era of Internet, an online website for your home is almost a must.  Have yard signs that point potential buyers to the site where they can find good clear pictures (lots of them!) and good descriptions.  You might even consider pictures of the neighborhood so potential buyers can get a feel for the area.

Staging Your Home

Staging your home makes it more appealing to potential buyers.  Much like getting rid of the clutter, staging a home may include storing a few pieces of furniture to open rooms up, making rooms flow together better and making the home look loved and lived in, without over doing it.  There are professional home stagers who may be able to assist those that need it.

Say Goodbye

When an Agent is showing your home, make yourself scarce.  There is nothing worse than a hovering homeowner when a potential buyer is there.  It could make the looker afraid to explore closets or the pantry; places that could help them decide if your home is the right one for them.  Many people feel strange looking at homes that others live in.  To make them more comfortable, say goodbye and let the Agent handle the walk through.