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10 Reasons Why Boulder, CO Is the Best Place to Buy a Home

IS the place to be but we’ll give you the top ten. Boulder Colorado10. Affordable Entry Level Homes.   Most consider Boulder to be for the elite, but there is one niche that is actually is quite affordable.  There are many condominiums available for purchase at a reasonable price. So reasonable in fact, that your mortgage payment might be lower than paying rent. 9. Diverse.  Boulder, CO is home to many different people.  Half of the residents are homeowners.  Half are single.  A 1/3 of the populations have college degrees.  Most enjoy the great outdoors, fine food and easy living.  And to top it off, we’re a State that prides itself on being different.  If that isn’t diverse enough, we don’t know where is. 8. Booming Businesses.  Boulder County and neighboring areas are home to some big name firms like IBM and Level 3 communications.  There are also hundreds of retail and restaurant shops, which bring in over 40% of Boulder tax dollars.  This ‘Silicon Valley of the Rockies’, as we like to call ourselves, is booming in business which impacts the economy in a good way. 7. Options Unlimited.   While this may not be one of the major reasons that someone would choose to live in Boulder, we find it sure does help to have options.  Options on where to shop, what to eat and even where to play, just to name a few.  In the mood for the best spicy tuna roll you’ve ever eaten?  Boulder has it.   Want to play on a mountain for the day but in the lake the next?  Boulder is the place for you to go.  If options are something you desire, look no further.  You’ve found your new home, and we know you’ll love it just as much as we do. 6. Climate Controlled.   Well, by Mother Nature.  If summers in the 80’s and not overly snowy winters are on your list of wants then Boulder needs to be considered.  Most think of Boulder as a winter wonderland but the reality is that the city itself sees an average of just 15 snowy days a season.  Not bad for an area that prides itself on skiing. 5. An Outdoor Playground.     Colorado is an outdoors dream and Boulder is at the center of it all.  From skiing to hiking to everything in between, there is something for everyone in the area, including you.  If physical activity isn’t your cup of tea then just sit back and soak in the natural beauty that surrounds us each and every day. 4. Picture Perfect Scenery.  With a backdrop of mountains, thousands of acres of trees and rolling hills, Boulder is a piece of art, made nature’s way.   If you want your life to be lived inside a picture, then Boulder will take your breath away and leave you staring in awe. 3. Healthy Atmosphere.  With fresh air, high mountains and a healthy dose of nature, Boulder boosts a healthy atmosphere all around.  Regardless of whether yoga is your thing or rock climbing is your choice, Boulder fosters a healthy atmosphere that can’t be beat. 2. Family Friendly.  From butterfly gardens to children museums, Boulder offers many kid friendly activities outside of nature’s natural activities like biking, hiking and skiing.   Voted one of the happiest places to live, you can be sure you’re kids will have many smiles for you just by living in this much loved city. 1. Best Overall.    A low population (100,000 people), affordable housing, booming businesses and a virtual playground in your backyard; what more could you ask for?  We live here, play here and work here.   And we love helping others see why we love it so much.  We should tell you though, in the interest of full disclosure, that we while we are truly a great place to live we apparently have fashion issues.  If you decide to join us, maybe you could give us some tips?