Portfolio Loan Programs

Colorado Mortgage Group no longer has access to portfolio loan programs. We recommend an FHA loan. Please also check our continually updated mortgage guidelines for loan regulation changes.

What are portfolio loan programs?
A portfolio loan is a loan that is serviced by the lender that issued the money. They are not sub-prime loans. These loans have no pre-payment penalties and all payments are fully amortized. The benefit is they give home buyers more purchasing options than typical lenders can offer.

Here are some options for Portfolio Loan Programs:

  • Non-warrantable Condos –  When more than 51% of the units are investment properties
  • Condo-Tels – For example the condo at the base of the lift in Breckenridge is often considered a Condo-Tel
  • Foreign Nationals – No Social Security number, No work Visa required if you can document income, Up to 50% LTV / 65% LTV for Canadians
  • Foreign Immigrants on US Work Visa – Up to 80% LTV, no SSN or US credit required
  • Asset Depletion – If you no longer have monthly income but you have money in the bank
  • Cash-out Jumbo loans – Up to $1,000,000 cash in hand
  • Acreage – Over 10 acres allowed, hobby farms eligible
  • No Limit on number of Financed Properties
  • No Credit or Limited Credit profiles