About Us

Colorado Mortgage Group LLC is committed to the communities we serve through an annual donation to a local non-profit organization. Since 2015 Colorado Mortgage Gropu has donated 1% of our annual profits to Urban Peak. Founded in 1988, Urban Peak is a Denver non-profit organization that focuses on youth ages 15 through 24 experiencing homelessness or at imminent risk of becoming homeless. If you would like more information on Urban Peak, or if you would like to donate or volunteer, please call Jenn Stewart at 303-974-2654 or look them up online at www.urbanpeak.org.

We are a local mortgage company based right here in Colorado. We think this makes a difference. We like living in Colorado and we really like helping other people live here too. It feels good to welcome someone into our neighborhood. Sometimes we get to help someone stay in town, sometimes we get to help a family move to a new school district. Sometimes we get to help someone feel more secure in retirement. Whatever your plans, we aspire to be good, helpful neighbors.

Ask anyone in the mortgage business who truly and deeply enjoys their work, and you will find that it just comes down to helping people. Sure, this is a cliché, but it’s true. Why do we help our neighbors? Why do we want to see their kids succeed? Why do we want their dreams to come true? Because it feels good and it feels right. Why do we want our community to prosper? Why do we want our schools to be effective? Why do we take pride in our local small business that just hit the big time? Because it makes us feel good to be a part of something special. Here at Colorado Mortgage Group, being helpful makes us feel good. Being effective makes us feel good. Seeing you realize your goals makes us feel good.

There are three core principles that guide our daily business operations at Colorado Mortgage Group.

Fair -We will offer a fair price and the lowest available rates.
Competent – We will close on time and with no surprises.
Friendly – We will enjoy the process and hope that you do to.

We really get a kick out of helping people get a mortgage here in Colorado. We know how much it means to you, your life, your plans. We will always to our best to help.




"The BEST mortgage broker I have ever worked with. I just referred two people to him last week. Thanks for all you do."
Gary C.
PSY.D / Self-Employed
"We have worked with David three different times. He helped us with our initial mortgage and then helped us refinance twice as rates dropped. David is a great guy who takes the time to listen to your needs and then clearly explain different options. Highly recommended!"
Kathie B.
Colorado Native / President-Women's Organization
"David worked with me in purchasing a condo in the mountains of Colorado. I was afraid I wouldn't qualify but through his creative ideas and hard work, I was able to purchase the condo I wanted with minimum hassle and a much lower rate and monthly price than I thought possible."
Diana K.
Teacher, Skier, Investor / Retired
"Thanks David. We are enjoying only having 13 years left on our mortgage. Refinancing to a 15 year mortgage has been wonderful. I think we both feel that we will be more financially secure. You made the process easy. Thanks again!"
Jennifer and Paul D.
Teachers / WSD3
"I recommend David because he is honest, competent, and he comes from the heart."
Janet C.
Therapist / Self-Employed
"I just wanted to say Thank You for all your help in getting me a new rate including refinancing. I make my first payment tomorrow and it was certainly nice to save money. Thanks again for your help and I'll see you around town."
David A.
Local / Retired
"David's service is fast, friendly, and efficient. I know this sounds like an advertising slogan, but in David's case it is accurate."
George B.
Curriculum Author / Retired
"Thank you David! We are now done and it was painless. Thanks for all the work and, as we said, friends and family have been told to give you a call."
Tim and Nicole D.
High School Teachers / BVSD
"David also helped me refinance my primary residence and that also went smoothly. I couldn't be more please with David's work. He is truly dedicated to his clients and will do everything possible to get the best deal for you with as little stress as possible."
Diana K.
Teacher, Skier, Investor / Retired
"We had a super smooth experience working with you and you secured a great interest rate. Overall we are very pleased!"
Katie and Ben B.
Sales and Education